Finding your soul’s true path, through Shamanism, Mother Earth, and the old ways of The Lady

A forgotten and ancient tradition teaches that in Naga-Mu (Lemuria), those who couldn’t find the true path of their soul, went on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave wherein lived the butterflies of blue light. There, a ceremony of lights and shadows was performed - a ceremony that would reveal the true path of the pilgrim’s soul. The name of the cave: UMATA.




Way before the Minotaur was a "monster", "punishment", "men-eater", "abomination" – he was a sacred manifestation of the Black Sun – the sun when it is in full eclipse.

This is the sacred sun of initiation – a time of magic and of opening of doors (inside and outside of us).

These holy beings are associated and travel the universe with EYE – the magnificent Mother Of All Creation in her roll as Cosmic Initiator. They drum, they chant her forbidden names and they are the ones who create the space for HER holy doing.

In some traditions (in the old forgotten world, of course) the Minotaur was considered the soul of a sun that died. In these places they were celebrated as bringers of new life, especially after long and harsh winters or summers.

So let us strip the sacred Man-Bull of the spooks and silly superstition and celebrate them like they deserve to be celebrated – as messengers of the Mother Of All, that open doors for new adventures.