Finding your soul’s true path, through Shamanism, Mother Earth, and the old ways of The Lady

A forgotten and ancient tradition teaches that in Naga-Mu (Lemuria), those who couldn’t find the true path of their soul, went on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave wherein lived the butterflies of blue light. There, a ceremony of lights and shadows was performed - a ceremony that would reveal the true path of the pilgrim’s soul. The name of the cave: UMATA.


The ultimate midwife

The ultimate midwife

Long before Santa Lucia was made up by the Christians, the Bearer of the Candle was she who the people celebrated just before the end of one year and the birth of another.

And who was she?

Who was she who brought with her the end of the dark half of the year and promised that the light is once again returning?

She was the ultimate midwife – she was the most reverent and holiest – she was Death.

"The Blessed Death was born from the Grate Mother's womb surrounded by endless candles lighting and darkening in the most beautiful dance of lights and shadows" I was thought by one of my teachers – Zariya. "She was our mother's way of making life bearable as being immortals as we once were was something we couldn't stand in sanity" – this lesson came from another teacher – the beloved Roma.

So the beloved midwife – Holy Death – comes with her white candles at the end of the year – in the longest and darkest nights to bring to us the promise of new life and light and hope. And in her celebrations a woman with a crown of candles bring hope to the people from way, way, far back up until today.