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מרכז הכשרה למציאת נתיב הנשמה, להולכים בדרכי אמא אדמה לפי המסורת השאמנית והדרכים העתיקות

מסורת עתיקה ונשכחת מלמדת שבנַגַה-מוּ (למוריה), אלה שלא הצליחו למצוא את נתיב נשמתם, יצאו במסע למערה המקודשת בה חיו פרפרים זורחים בכחול. במערה נערך טקס אורות וצללים. ובסיום הטקס, נתיב הנשמה הפך לידוע ואפשר היה לחיות אותו. שמה של המערה : אוּמַטַה

Come to Peki'in

Come to Peki'in

The rain calmed down and I took the opportunity to visit one of our remarkable Galilee wonders - the town of Peki'in This very small northern gem hold Druze, Muslims, Christians and Jews in a remarkable harmony and almost total peace for many generations. How is it possible? – Well there is a holy spring of blessed waters in the middle of this very small town and that, in my opinion, is what makes the magic happens. Goddess loving people used to pilgrim to this holy spring and ask for healing and guidance from the spirit of the spring and from the old women who were there as Initiators and Oracles. Today things are different – the alter is gone, the stalls of the Purple Sarahs (the ladies of herbs) are no longer there and the pool where the sacred waters gathered is muddy and not looked after. But – the magic is still here. So if you are around – call me and I’ll take you there. Come to Peki'in for the energy of peace, come for the spices and the olive oil hand made soaps, come for the special Druze pitta bread (with humus or goat cheese or if you are like me with Nutella spread), come for the freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, come for the 200 years old Mulberry tree and of course – come to Peki'in for the holy waters.


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