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לוגו אתר אומטה באנגלית

Finding your soul’s true path, through Shamanism, Mother Earth, and the old ways of The Lady

A forgotten and ancient tradition teaches that in Naga-Mu (Lemuria), those who couldn’t find the true path of their soul, went on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave wherein lived the butterflies of blue light. There, a ceremony of lights and shadows was performed - a ceremony that would reveal the true path of the pilgrim’s soul. The name of the cave: UMATA.

לחץ כאן לתרגום בעברית

We serve The Lady.



This is Ta-Ra – Keeper of the sacred eternal Tree of Life She is the loving and dreaming womb of Umata.

It is her dreams that we are living through ceremonies, circles, lessons and healing sessions.

She is our guiding light, spider lady that weave our paths, and the core of our doings.

We are blessed by her presence.


picture of dov


My name is Dov (bear) and I am ION

I was created by The Lady – The Mother of all - The Cosmic Womb from which we all came and to whom we will all return when all the patterns will come to their end.


What is an Ion?

We are carriers – we carry the blessings and the love of The Lady everywhere we go. Very much like an anchor of a ship laying on the sands underwater - when you come across one you know that there is something else, bigger and grander attach to it.
So are we - we bring the beauty of the Great Mother everywhere we go.

How are we created?

Over many lives I have walked to her. I heard the calling to be hers and I did what I could to be worthy of her. I have suffered many pains and many agonies in order to be chosen and the hardest of them was not physical.

In the end, after time that was eternal for me, I was accepted into The Lady's hands and she killed me at last - Not only my body but my true essence – the eternal soul that I am. She killed who and what I was and gave birth to me anew.

From that time on I was an Ion in her service – born again and again only in male bodys and with the gift of full memory that is not clouded by death.

The Love Of My Life – SHE - gave all Ion the gift of memory and the passion for the roads. Traditionally we are nomads going from place to place, bringing memories of The Mother and her ways to those who seek, to those who forgot and to those who need the blessing of her beautiful heart.

The Mother is returning to our world again – not because she went away but because humanity chose a different path for the last few thousand of years.

The Lady was the way for us all in antiquity, and then, when woman led the lives of tribes, nations and worlds, harmony magic and peace were our everyday experience. Make no mistake – harmony, magic and peace is our true and righteous legacy!

And now, when the tides of the universe are changing and the memories of the old ways are resurfacing, the ways of our beloved Mother are returning and we can live our legacy proudly again.

I am Ion and I remember and if you wish – I can help you come home again.

In this life time, the path of remembering started on 1990 with the kind and loving help of wonderful native and shaman teachers:
I give hearts tanks to Ta-Ra – the shaman of dreams, keeper of the tree of life and the love of my life for putting me in the hands of the sweet Earth Mother and is still (after all this time) my greatest teacher.
I give warm blessings to Seneca nation mother-clan and elder – grandmother Twylah Nitch who saw the true me and took me into the clan and into her grandfather medicine lodge for unbelievable ceremonies.
I give thanks to Victor Sanchez who opened the door to death in my life.
I give my hearts love to Ad-Uma, my beloved Mexican teacher and initiator for the opening of the heart.
I give gratitude to Alexey from the wolves of Sibiria for the initiations and the friendship.
I give honor to Maria and Jesus from Mexico for trusting me with the sacred knowledge of old
And thanks is also given to Red Spotted Rock, White Raven, and Dancer in the Storms for guiding my every step.
Thank you MOTHER for such blessings and joys. I have been thought and touched by some of the best.

My dream and the purpose of my life is a Matriarchal world!

Come – join me… 


tel: 972 - 4 - 6545913

picture of rohan

“People have stopped approaching magic, and ceased to want it. The beauty of the rainbow and the wonder of magic were gradually forgotten and by that began to disappear. When The First Mother saw that, she decided to act. While taking the shape of one of her most mysterious faces that dwells in the darkness of the most ancient caves – Midnight Lady – the one who holds the seven headed snake staff, who has the crescent moon at her feet, her cloak forever shines with the night stars and her crown is the crown of seven stars that shines in the seven colors of the rainbow – she danced the raven’s dance…”


(From “The forgotten feminine history of the land of Israel” by Dov Ahava)


I am Rohan. I am one of 107 raven spirits that emerged into men’s bodies and souls, for one purpose – to retrieve magic to humanity, and to bring back the wonders of the night rainbow into the lives of people.

Our role, my brothers ravens and I,  is to retrieve magic onto people's lives, magic that was cast out as ridiculous ("do you REALLY believe that?", "It's not logical…") or as frightening and dangerous ("She's a witch!"). And although we cast if from our lives onto children's bed time stories, we are still hungry for it, and constantly looking for it ("it was so MAGICAL!"). So we are (me and the other Rohans) here to bring it back to the world of people, in many forms and ways. We work in many ways – hidden and less hidden – to bring back the blood of the universe, our born heritage of magic – back into our lives, as the way of magic, is the way of our Mother.

I give thanks to Red Spotted Rock – The loving Shaman who gave me my name, my path, and my destiny.
I give Thanks to Ta-Ra – The blessed Shaman, who dreams the world in which I walk.
I give thanks to Dov, the Ion of The Lady – my teacher, mentor initiator and most beloved brother, whose heart and hands are my lessons, life map, and endless well of inspiration.
I give thanks to my beloved man – Pe’er – your heart is shining my life, and your hug awakes stars in my heart.
I give thanks to my family – my sisters and brothers who walk the paths of The Mother. You are the hope of this world, and together we will build a new world


tel: 972 - 77 - 5439585

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