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Finding your soul’s true path, through Shamanism, Mother Earth, and the old ways of The Lady

A forgotten and ancient tradition teaches that in Naga-Mu (Lemuria), those who couldn’t find the true path of their soul, went on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave wherein lived the butterflies of blue light. There, a ceremony of lights and shadows was performed - a ceremony that would reveal the true path of the pilgrim’s soul. The name of the cave: UMATA.

לחץ כאן לאתר בעברית


Here are a few ideas of how to work with THE MOTHER in groups. It is important to understand that the following suggestions are

just guidelines – feel free to change, add, invent and improvise in accordance with what feels good to you. 

Cave of crystals

The womb is the most sacred and powerful place in the whole creation – it’s the place of the creation of life.
The womb is a cave of crystals – crystals that love, that give birth to magical realities, that show us our truth.
Sit in a circle with 7 women – carriers of THE MOTHER, and in your lap put a black pillow. On the pillow place a crystal.
Take hands and close your circle.
Visualize the flaming star in your heart and connect each ray of fire to one of the other members of the circle.
Ask THE MOTHER to guide you inside your cave of crystals – into your most sacred shrine.
It is good to play flute music in the background.
When you feel the process has ended, break the circle and share your experience.

After you have done this a few times, you can ask THE MOTHER to connect your separate caves into one big cave of crystals and in that way to start a whole new way of knowing each other.


Ask the person in need of healing to stand in the middle of the space you are in (a forest or a place with trees is very good for this process). The carriers of THE MOTHER hug this person as tightly as possible and if there are people with you who are not carriers of THE MOTHER (yet… :) ) they are hugging the huggers.
The carriers summon the presence of THE MOTHER and ask her to heal the one in the middle and while this is happening everybody gives their throat freedom to make the sound that the connection to THE MOTHER inspires them to make.
In your consciousness send the "singing" to the middle of the group – to the one who is being healed.
When the voices fade, share your experience.

Around the fire

An evening around the bonfire is fun and very powerful.
Do some research through the internet and find the different names of Goddess – she has many names and many faces. 
Sitting around the blazing fire create together a song that all its lyrics are the names that you found. 
Now find its tune and start singing together.
The names of THE MOTHER are words of power – while singing, notice if you receive visions, messages, memories or maybe simply good vibes.
Around the fire you can also create together a figuring of THE MOTHER, share foods that you have cooked with inspiration you got from your connection to THE MOTHER, dance and simply be together and have fun.

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