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Finding your soul’s true path, through Shamanism, Mother Earth, and the old ways of The Lady

A forgotten and ancient tradition teaches that in Naga-Mu (Lemuria), those who couldn’t find the true path of their soul, went on a pilgrimage to a sacred cave wherein lived the butterflies of blue light. There, a ceremony of lights and shadows was performed - a ceremony that would reveal the true path of the pilgrim’s soul. The name of the cave: UMATA.

לחץ כאן לתרגום לעברית

Here are a few ideas of how to work with THE MOTHER in a solitary way. It is important to understand that the following suggestions are just guidelines – feel free to change, add, invent and improvise in accordance with what feels good to you.


Changing the world

You are a carrier of THE MOTHER.
Wherever you go, like a shooting star, you leave a trail of sparkling lights of THE MOTHER behind and around you. These sparkles stay long after you have gone and people who come in contact with them, are being embraced in the grace of THE MOTHER. Even though this magic only lasts a very little time, it can change lives.
Know that you are doing it, be aware of that enchantment and spread those sparkles consciously… and remember that you are changing lives!


Sit or lay down comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on your heart.
Call THE MOTHER to you and feel how your heart is warming up as a reaction to the presence of the Goddess.
Visualize the flaming star in your heart and let it burn with the fire of the unconditional cosmic love.
After a while you will notice in the center of the fire a jewel – a dark shining stone. Slowly you notice the color – it is purple. Deep dark, almost black, purple, that has depths and inner dimensions in it.
Let this jewel radiate its energy into your body and aura – this is healing, this is empowerment, this is togetherness, this is the power of THE MOTHER that flows into you.
After a while thank THE MOTHER and return to the physical reality.



Light a circle of 7 candles. The flame of candles opens doors to other realities. You can use colored candles to help focus yourself in the process.
Because I work with the Native American wisdom, I use their way of working with colors:
Red – faith
Yellow – love
Blue – intuition
Green – life
White – wisdom
Black – mystery
Sit in the middle of the circle of candles, close your eyes and call the presence of THE MOTHER. Visualize the flaming star in your heart (like in the giving process) and connect the rays of fire to the candles – one to each.
When you are connected, ask THE MOTHER for guidance according to your needs. Ask questions and open yourself to answers in the form of words or visions or thoughts or spontaneous knowing. If you need more information or more clarity, ask again – don’t be shy.
When you feel that you have your answer or that the information THE MOTHER wants to share with you has been shared, thank THE MOTHER and come back to the physical reality.
Leave the candles to burn away and dedicate their light to THE MOTHER – a gift of gratitude.



THE MOTHER is a healer – talk to her and ask for healing for yourself and for others. If you wish to know exactly what to do in a more clear way (and less intuitive), the second message THE MOTHER gave is all about that – ask Dov about it…

Creating a desirable reality

Sit comfortably, (a totally darkened room would be the best), and bring your palms close to each other. Now imagine an egg between them. Inside that egg visualize your desired reality. once you have a total clearance about this realty, connect THE MOTHER in the same way you do it in the giving process, and you’ll find a star of fire within your heart.
Send a ray of fire from the star to the egg, while you ask THE MOTHER to help you in creating this reality and in cracking the egg of idea into physical existence. Keep sending the fire of THE MOTHER to the egg, until it cracks, breaks and opens. Keep the ray of fire coming out of the star and ask THE MOTHER to help you.
Slowly, the desired reality will get out of the egg into to the world. Allow it to grow and open up to its own shape, while you keep on charging it with THE MOTHER’s love. When this reality has revealed itself fully, thank THE MOTHER and release the egg into the world.

It is highly recommended to repeat that exercise in order to help this reality to spread its wings (as most thing coming out of an egg…) and fly into the world in order to come true. When the flight begins, the reality is beginning to materialize. Repeating this exercise more and more will help this process.

The Mirror Ceremony

Sometimes we need help from the outside. Sometimes we feel our “battery” is empty, and we need something to charge us and fill us with new powers. Sometimes we just want to feel better, more powerful, more connected. In order to experience all of those – here is THE MOTHER’s mirror ceremony:

Sit comfortably in front of a table. The best would be to cover it with a black tablecloth, but that is not a must.  Place a mirror on the table at the same height of your face while you sit in front of it. Light seven candles and put them on the table, in a way they do not reflect in the mirror.

Look inside the mirror in silence and focus on the eyes that are being reflected to you. At a certain point the eyes will close by themselves - allow that to happen and when the darkness surrounds you from the within, imagine the symbol of THE MOTHER floating in front of you (the same symbol that appears at the top of the page). When the symbol will be marked clearly inside, open your eyes and try to see the symbol in the mirror. Force your imagination to create it in front of you with your eyes open. Another option is, once you see the symbol with your eyes closed, open them to see your physical reflection and than quickly close them again and go back to the imagined symbol.  Repeat that many times and very quickly to get the same effect.

Now that the symbol of THE MOTHER reflects from the mirror, ask her to fill you with her strengths, and let it happen without interrupting. An experience very similar to the giving process will occur. New and wonderful empowerment will fulfill the body and the soul with sacred and spiritual new strengths.
That is the blessed power of THE MOTHER. The ceremony is very powerful and you might feel weakness or slight dizziness afterwards. That is perfectly fine. Once those feelings are gone, the sensation of empowerment will be much stronger.

The chalice of life
THE MOTHER is the cosmic womb.
From her everything is born.
THE MOTHER is the water of life, the one who allows us to experience ourselves and the entire creation in a numerous of forms, shapes, and ways of being. This is what we call life.
The power of life is enormous. It empowers, it drives away pain and diseases, and it pulls away tiredness and unhappiness, while it draws to us adventures, optimism, and hope.
In the first week of the New Year, THE MOTHER gracefully gave me a magical technique that allows the power of life to flow from her to me. This technique can be practiced either alone or in a group. And here it is:

Stand (preferably wearing black) in a space where you wouldn’t be interrupted.
Close your eyes and connect to the star of fire in your heart.
When you're well focused, imagine each of its seven rays getting longer and slowly wraps around the body, just like the tendril of the vine, seven rays of fire will be wrapped around you.
When all the rays will be placed around your body, holding the fire of love of The Mother, a beautiful chalice will reveal itself in front of you. The chalice will glitter with magical pale blue light, to create a spectacular jewel.
Inside the chalice – the water of life – the power of life itself.
Imagine your mouth open and the chalice pouring its liquid into it. Now all that is left is to experience the glorious way in which the power of life – the great gift from our mother – is filling you from within.

Stand in a circle (preferably wearing black) in a space where you wouldn’t be interrupted.
Close your eyes and connect to the star of fire in your heart.
Allow the seven rays of the star to stretch, and imagine how one of them slowly wraps itself around the body of the person to your right, another one goes around the person to your left, and a third ray stretches itself to the center of the circle, connecting to the rays of all others. The last four rays are wrapped around your own body.
When the entire group is ready - a magnificent chalice will appear in the middle of the circle and the power of life will flow out of it like a spring. The water will ebb, spill into to the circle and flood it. The participants will experience the empowering power of life within the circle and the wonderful Lady who create it.
You have probably never experienced anything like that… 

Blessing a place

Here is an easy, simple, loving way to bless a place:
Every place can be blessed. A place in nature, a house, a flat, a room, part of a room, and maybe even a shelf or a tile. The boundaries of the blessing (assuming we're aiming for an area which is larger than a room) are defined by the intensity of the connection each of us has with THE MOTHER.
The power and intensity of the connection we have with THE MOTHER is growing each time we do a giving ceremony. As the connection gets more powerful our ability to bless a wider area and for a longer time grows, and the other way around.
In order to bless a place, it is best to clean and purify it first (as much as possible):
Clean physically : the best way is to combine the four elements : earth - sweeping and removing dust, water – washing or spraying water that were perfumed with essential oil, air - sounds of bells, drums, Tibetan singing bowls and such, fire – burning sage, incense, Bhor, or Kopal.
Spiritual cleaning: invite powers and energies that you're used to work with (in healing, channeling, receiving messages, spiritual guidance, dream) and ask them to be there and make the place clean from other things. Imagine how the place becomes clear and full with flickering rainbows that fill it with beauty and pleasantness. Sing songs of goodness from your heart, (it doesn’t matter if you "know" how to sing, it is entirely the intention that matters… sing from the heart and it will work)
Once the place is as clean as possible, stand or sit in the center and imagine the symbol of THE MOTHER (the one at the top of the page – this is the symbol The Mother chose for herself in these times) that radiates with pink and gold.
It is important to imagine the symbol as big as possible, practically see yourself at the bottom, near her legs, while she's stretching above like a high building (as big the figure we imagine will be, the more powerful the blessing will be). Continue to imagine/think/see/ know/feel that mighty figure of THE MOTHER above you pulsing from her womb ripples of pink and gold. The ripples will cover every place within the area you wish to bless.

When it is done, thank The Mother for her blessing and for her willingness to bring her goodness, beauty, healing and her harmony into our world and into the place we wish to bless.

And the most important thing – ask for what you want! Have courage and ask!
The best way of working with THE MOTHER is being in touch with her always and ask for her magical and blessed help whenever you need it.
Every mother wants to help her children – give THE MOTHER a chance to help you

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